I'm a passionate Designer and Illustrator who thrives on
crafting captivating visual narratives that seamlessly traverse the
realms of print and digital media. My creative prowess shines brightly
in the domains of the artistry of Illustrations, Art Direction, Branding,
and more. I weave everyday life's threads into captivating narratives,
crafting vibrant visuals infused with profound meaning to ignite engagement.
I am passionate about the Children's picture book industry and
dream of Illustrating and authoring stories for many books.

Literary Agent: Sara Crowe at Sara Crowe Literary

Clients:   UNICEF, Paytm, Crescent Health, Georgia Voter Muslim Project, Little Bee Books, Tulika Books, Atmosphere Books, Pratham Books, SIHA magazine, Data Visualisation Magazine, Gifts of Love, Bright Lights, Mongabay, Zee Zee Zoo, Toddler World, Khyber Milk, Canopy Atlanta, ScribeConcepts, 
Asian American Pacific Islander, and more.

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