Khyber Milk is one of the major dairy brands of Kashmir. 
The following project included Brand Language Design-
Logo Design, Mascot Design, Color Language, Packaging design, Flyers, and Social Media Marketing graphics.
Logo Design : Creative Direction in collaboration with Team Amplify 
New Logo Design- Logo Design: Creative Direction in collaboration with Team Amplify 

The Khyber emblem blends heritage and vision. The 'K' symbolizes Kashmir's cultural richness and architectural
marvels, inspired by minarets and Buddhist pagodas. It embodies snow-capped peaks, glistening droplets, and
purity. The letters 'h', 'b', and 'e' echo Islamic artistry, while the tagline "Purity Of Kashmir" emphasizes
authenticity and quality. This emblem showcases tradition and innovation, defining Khyber's journey.

Logo Explorations - Team Amplify

Color Palette - Logo 

Mascot Design - "Aaapa"

Packaging Design Exploration - Milk Bottle

Packaging Design Exploration - Dahi Cup

Marketing Collaterals

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